So, you've been promoted to the role of Program Director or Content Manager at your radio station... Now what?


Many people come to a programming job from an announcing or production background, and find it harder than they expect to step up to another level.

Around the world the Program Director job is called by many names, such as Program Manager, Content Manager or Content Director, but whatever the name there are some common things to remember as you step into this new job.

You are now a manager. Part of the management team and a leader of the people. The decisions you make and the way you behave will affect your staff, your listeners and your management colleagues. Are the ways you worked in your previous role appropriate for this higher level job, or do you need some help to upgrade your management skills?

You are also a marketer. Marketing is about identifying viable market segments, defining the product mix you will offer those segments and then keeping track of their reactions. Do you have the marketing skills to shape the sound and image of the product you offer on air?

You probably have the craft skills such as operating music playout systems, knowing how to deliver a format and making your on air content sound good. But can you communicate this knowledge to others? Airchecking is an art, to do it well you need some effective strategies and strategic communication skills. Delivering a format is different from creating one, higher level skills are required.

There are higher level understandings required when you move into a Program Management job. If you need help to jump to this next level of understanding, join our world leading course, developed by radio industry leaders and delivered by experts with practical experience.

For those preparing themselves for their next promotion, this course will help you to know, in advance, what to expect when you get your promotion, and will probably also help you with your job interview. Employers are far more confident promoting people who know what to do in a new job than having to closely monitor a new employee until they learn what is required.



The course is endorsed by Australia’s commercial radio peak body, Commercial Radio Australia.

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