I M B A Terms & Conditions, Refunds and Privacy Policies


Payments to IMBA may be made online through PayPal or by Credit Card through our secure banking transfer facility. Payment will also be accepted by cheque. On request, IMBA can invoice you or your company, please provide a purchase order or official request form if you wish to be invoiced.

IMBA uses two online payment gateways, PayPal and GoPay for credit cards. These payment gateways transfer your funds to our bank. IMBA does not have access to any of your credit card or bank details through these gateways.

Short Course payments

Applicants will be admitted into IMBA short courses only after full payment has been received.

Longer course payments

For longer courses, such as the 12 month Program Director Course, at least half the course fees must be paid before the course begins, with any outstanding payment to be paid in full by half way through the course.

Unpaid fees

Unless prior arrangements are made with IMBA and confirmed in writing, course participants whose fees are not paid by the due date will be denied further access to IMBA course materials and will not receive a certificate or qualification at the end of the course.

Refunds Policy

If you withdraw from a course you may be entitled to a part or full refund, under these conditions:

If we cancel or abandon a course, IMBA will refund you the full amount you paid for that course by PayPal or Credit Card transfer.

If you withdraw from a course more than two weeks before the course begins, IMBA will refund you the amount you paid for that course, less a 5% administration fee. Refund will be made by PayPal or Credit Card transfer.

If you withdraw from an IMBA short course less than two weeks before the course begins, IMBA will refund you the amount you paid for that course, less a 20% administration fee. Refund will be made by PayPal or Credit Card transfer.

Long Courses - Due to the extra administration required for long courses (ie. any course more than three weeks in duration), if you withdraw form a long course less than two weeks before the course begins IMBA will refund you the amount you paid for that course, less a 40% administration fee. Refund will be made by PayPal or Credit Card transfer.

If you withdraw or do not attend any IMBA course after the starting date of the course, we will not refund your money unless your can show evidence of serious medical misadventure or personal tragedy. Written verification of your circumstances from a doctor or other supervising professional will be required before any refund is made.

Privacy Policy

Personal information

IMBA will only record personal information that you send to us. By sending us course registration details and other requested information, you give us permission to use it for course related activities.

We may ask you about your interests and preferences as they relate to your career goals and course aspirations, but it is up to you whether or not you respond. It is your choice as to how much personal information you provide to us.

IMBA will only disclose personal information if required by Australian law to do so, or to provide you with a specific service you have requested. Under no circumstances will IMBA sell or receive payment for licensing or disclosing your personal information.

Disclosure of results

We will not disclose your course results to any third party without your prior permission, but if your employer pays for your course fees we will advise your employer of your course completion. When advising your employer of course completion, IMBA will not disclose your results.

Disclosure of contact details

IMBA will not to disclose your e-mail address, physical address or password to any third party, either alone or as part of our subscriber list. Any offer or promotion that may be made to you via e-mail on behalf of a third party will be made through IMBA without the third party gaining access to your personal details.

Information Collection and Usage

Course information

Once you are enrolled in a course, IMBA will keep records of your course progress. We may share your contact details with other course participants for the purposes of collaboration and group work, through our closed Learning Management System.

Anonymous Website Information

When you look at this web site, our Internet Service Provider automatically makes a record of your visit and logs general information for statistical purposes. We use Google Tracking to collect statistical information on how people use our site.

Interacting online with IMBA

When interacting with IMBA for course work you will be working in a closed, private, learning management system (LMS). No information you post to this LMS will be public, only students enrolled in IMBA courses will see it.

Anything posted by you on IMBA's publicly accessible pages may be publicly available, so only post information that you are happy to share with everyone.

You are responsible for safeguarding your passwords and personal information.

IMBA accepts no responsibility for the content of any third party sites linked on our website.

Access and Correction

IMBA will take reasonable steps to keep your information accurate and up to date, and allow self-correction wherever possible.

Student Interaction

You will be expected to treat teachers and fellow students with respect, and not bully, harass or intimidate them. You may be asked to collaborate and interact with other students as part of the course content, if so, you should interact in a friendly collaborative manner to ensure that you and your colleagues get the best results from the learning experience. Any violation of Australian Laws on work place relations or health and safety will not be tolerated and students may be expelled from a course for behaviour that breaches these Australian Laws.


The content of this site is information, not advice. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and currency of all information and the integrity and security of the code and data used on this site, all liability for any loss or damage arising out of actual content, code errors, data loss, viruses or security loss is entirely disclaimed.

The provision of any links to sites outside of IMBA does not constitute approval of the views or accreditation of the content of these sites.

Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise stated, the copyright of all materials displayed on this website is owned by the International Media & Broadcasting Academy (IMBA), is used under licence, or in the case of external web links, is material that is in the public domain.

Under the Copyright Act, you may be entitled to make limited copies of information on this website for the purposes of private study, criticism or review. You may not use or reproduce any copyright material on this website for any other purpose without the prior written consent of IMBA.


IMBA uses anti-virus software, and although we take all care, it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that all downloaded files are scanned for viruses before opening. Passwords and a learning management system are used to regulate access to private information.


Please send any complaints about our online privacy to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.